How our rituals support you

Build Your Defenses

Say hello to Cordyceps, Reishi, and Tremella - our fantastic fungi team that bolsters your immune system like no other. They're not just here for fun; they're your body's sturdy shield!

Antioxidant All-Stars

Our medicinal mushrooms are no ordinary fungi - they're your frontline fighters against free radicals! Loaded with antioxidants, they contribute to maintaining your overall wellbeing and keep you feeling your best.

Inflammation Interceptors

Meet our star soothers, Reishi and Turkey Tail, expertly chosen for their anti-inflammatory prowess. They're your perfect allies to keep inflammation at bay and maintain balance in your body

Cognitive Companions

Enhance your brainpower with our carefully curated mushroom mix. Notably, the wise Lion's Mane is at the forefront, lauded for its ability to sharpen cognitive function and offer a shield against neurological nuisances. With these buddies, your brain's got backup!

Our formula for everyday support

What our community is saying...

  • Wowed by mushrooms & coffee

    This is a winning formula, and as a health-conscious coffee lover who's particular about taste, smell & texture, I'm happy to incorporate Everyday into my morning coffee ritual.

    - Jenny

  • best night sleep ever!

    This powder is the ultimate, nighttime beverage. It has become an integral part of my bedtime routine. I love that something so yummy is supporting me in so many ways. I enjoy blending it with warm nut milk. It’s like a hug in a mug.

    - Katherine

  • Perfect afteroon pick me up!

    I pop this in my cup for the afternoon school pick up, perfect comforting lift just when i need it.

    - Juliet

Our Promise

Other ways to enjoy Ritual Powders...

Tomato Shakshu-Cha

Tomato Shakshu-Cha

This dish is a delightful dance of tomatoes, herbs, and the wellness-boosting Lion's Mane and Tremella mushrooms from our Ritual... Read more

Down the DIRT!

We use whole ingredients so there is some sediment - that’s the good stuff!
We suggest you swirl that bit with the last of your drink and down it for the whole food's health benefits, or dump it - you do you!

Sediment contains many beneficial properties, such as phytonutrients – natural chemicals contained in plants, which have been scientifically proven to provide health benefits. In order to retain the highest possible quantity of vital nutrients, sediment is an essential part of the drink.

Welcome to a new Ritual

Discover how we have crafted an extraordinary line of mushroom based products that embody our commitment to well-being.