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Ultimate Vegan Gravy by Robyn Lawley

Robyn's recipe for the the best vegan gravy you will ever tase!

Spookhetti + 'Meatless' Eyeballs

Whip up our plant-based Spookhetti and bewitch your taste buds. It's devilishly delicious and frightfully easy to make!

Mushroom Bomb Butternut Squash Risotto

A creamy, earthy delight that brings the essence of fall to your dinner table

Everyday Autumn Spice Bircher Muesli

A delightful blend of oats, grated apple, and the nourishing touch of "Everyday" Ritual Powder

Spicy Curry Pumpkin Soup

This autumn-inspired Hot + Spicy Curry Pumpkin Soup is a delightful blend of bold flavors and creamy goodness. It's the perfect warm-up for crisp fall evenings!

Dreamy Dusk Fall Freezer Fudge

As the days grow shorter unwind and embrace the coziness of fall by adding a little Dusk to this deliciously simple recipe for a seasonal nighttime treat.

Tomato Tango Bean Dip

The Tomato Tango Bean Dip takes about 10 minutes to prepare. As always, these times can vary slightly based on your specific ingredients and tools. Enjoy immediately for the best flavor and texture.

Reishi Chocolate Latte

This delicious latte is the perfect blend of rich espresso, our indulgent Dusk Superfood Hot Chocolate, and warm, frothy milk.

Umami Onion Soup (By Robyn Lawley)

Discover the rich and soul-warming Umami Onion Soup, featuring the umami-packed Ritual Powders Mushroom Bomb Souper Mix. With its perfect blend of classic flavors and functional mushroom benefits, this twist on a beloved classic will make every spoonful a delight to savor!

Tomato Shakshu-Cha

This dish is a delightful dance of tomatoes, herbs, and the wellness-boosting Lion's Mane and Tremella mushrooms from our Ritual Powders Tomato Cha Cha mix. A hearty brunch or a comforting dinner.


Experience the cool breeze of summer with our Chilled GazpachOhhhh, a no-cook soup harnessing the wellness-boosting benefits of Lion's Mane and Tremella mushrooms from our Ritual Powders Tomato Cha Cha mix.

Muddy Mary

Get ready to dance with our Muddy Mary, a refreshing cocktail packed with wellness-boosting Lion's Mane and Tremella mushrooms from our Ritual Powders Tomato Cha Cha mix. This delightful twist on a classic cocktail is your ticket to a flavorful and healthful party!

Mushroom Bomb Veggie Stir-Fry

Savor the burst of flavors in our Mushroom Bomb Veggie Stir-Fry, featuring the umami-rich Ritual Powders Mushroom Bomb Souper Mix. Packed with colorful veggies and functional mushroom goodness, this delectable dish will elevate your weeknight dinners and meal-prep game!

Curry-in-a-Jar Glass Noodles

Meal prep has never been easier—or tastier—than with our Curry-in-a-Jar Glass Noodles. Just add boiling water when you're ready to eat for a quick, satisfying meal that's bursting with spice!

Spicy Curry Popcorn!

Our Spicy Curry Popcorn puts a zesty twist on a classic snack. With the unexpected kick of our Hot + Spicy Curry Souper Mix, it's a crowd-pleaser that's sure to have everyone reaching for more!

Spice Bazaar Udon Bowl!

Heat up your dinner table with our Spice Bazaar Udon Bowl, a vibrant, veggie-loaded dish infused with the kick of our Hot + Spicy Curry Souper Mix. It's the perfect way to warm up and nourish your body, all in one bowl!

Chai Spiced Energy Bites

Rev up your day with our Chai Spiced Energy Bites, featuring the flavorful and health-boosting Ritual Powders Dirt Chai Tea Latte. Easy to make and easier to enjoy, these nutritious bites are your perfect snack companion, giving you that much-needed energy boost with a burst of chai spice!

Overnight Chai-Spiced Oats

Wake up to the delicious aroma of chai with our Overnight Chai-Spiced Oats, made with our signature Ritual Powders Dirt Chai blend. This easy, nutritious breakfast will have you leaping out of bed, ready to embrace the day with a smile!

Mud-Spiced Dirty Chai

Experience the best of both worlds with our Mud-Spiced Dirty Chai! This vibrant blend of robust espresso and our spicy Ritual Powders Dirt Chai blend is your perfect pick-me-up, any time of the day!